R.I.P. Eric Rohmer

"This is according to his producer, who told AFP and French 24. The arthouse French filmmaker, screenwriter, and film critic (who was born Maurice Scherer), was 89. One of the key figures of the post-war New Wave cinema movement and an articulate and literate devotee of purism in the moviemaking, Rohmer made 24 films over a period of 50 years. His main works include his cycle of films Six Moral Tales: shot in 1969, the third in the series, Ma Nuit Chez Maud, brought him international recognition."

Read full article at: http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/r-i-p-eric-rohmer/

Eric Rohmer a director I must say I have never seen a single movie of the 24 he has made... I'll correct that as soon as I can put my hands on his films any suggestions with which one of his films I should start?

Eric Rohmer est un cinéaste dont je n'ai vu malheureusement aucun de ses 24 films... Je vais, aussitôt que possible, tenter de corriger cette situation! Avez-vous des suggestions avec quels films devrais-je m'initier à son travail?

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