Sullivan's Travels - Mini-Review

TSPDT Greatest Films #128 Sullivan's Travels (Preston Sturges, 1941)

After having seen Preston Sturges' The Lady Eve that he made the same year, 1941, I was charmed by his slapstick comedy, his style, his dialogues, and the accessibility of his films. In Sullivan's Travels Joel McCrea plays a director who's tired of making the same old films and he wants to make the story of a hobo. So he tries to live like a hobo and in his journey he finds what the real people like to see in the theater. He also finds a girl, "There's always a girl in the story!".

Well, compared to The Lady Eve, Sullivan's Travels is a little bit inferior, but still very good and it takes a spot on my Top 10 of the year 1941.

Michaël Parent

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