Drag Me to Hell un film de Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi has made cult horror films for my generation of film buffs with The Evil Dead trilogy, landmark comic book adaptations Darkman, Spider-Man I-II-III (I wish I could erase this last one from my memory). He has done an excellent western "à la Leone" The Quick and the Dead and after maybe his only disaster, Spider-Man 3 (yes I say it again), he goes back to his beginning genre; Horror.

Drag Me to Hell is the story of Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) who works at a bank and attempts to earn an advancement for her career but also to impress the parents of her 1 year boyfriend, Clay (Justin Long). One day an old woman ask for a loan and to impress her boss Brown refuses to the woman who turns out to be a gypsie... The crazy gypsie curse Christine and now begind the madness of Drag me to Hell. I'm not a big fan of horror films and I don't like to be surprised by jumping creatures in calm moments but Drag Me to Hell is a very efficient movie. The directing is top notch and the horror parts are very creepy and mad. There's not much of blood or gore effects but some disgusting parts make this one a PG-13.

Even if horror isn't my cup of tea I think Drag me to Hell is a very good film and Sam Raimi sure is still one of the best filmmaker of horror films! He doesn't loose his touch at all, I think he even got better even if The Evil Dead had this juvenile urge to create and churn out something new and uncommon...


A Film Review by Michaël Parent

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