Zombieland un film de Ruben Fleischer

I must say that zombie movies is my favorite subgenre in Horror. From Night of the Living Dead to Shaun of the Dead I always enjoy a zombie brain being smashed. It's like they are not people getting kill; they're already dead! From Romero's films that denounced racism, consumerism and all the XXth century "diseases" to the zombie/romantic comedy of Shaun of the Dead I think that zombie flick are great. I excuse myself now of being enthusiastic. With that done we'll get to the review.

Zombieland doesn't start progressively to how the earth became dead, it's already done. We follow a small group of four that will try to live as normal as they can in a world surrounded by zombies. It's not a film where you try to figure out the meaning of life or how to save the planet from being devastated. We don't learn a lesson from the story either but we embark on a ride of fun. From the opening credits which are the best I've seen in years til the end I've laugh myself out loud and I was clapping my lap all along. The many allusions to the film of my childhood (which I'm not gonna spoil for you here) was a big pleasure for me.

It is far from the many nihilistic zombie films we are accostumed. I found this film to be fresh, appealing, and a big load of fun!


A Film Review by Michaël Parent

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