Mothlight un film de Stan Brakhage - Retrospective

TSPDT Greatest Films #981 Mothlight (Stan Brakhage, 1963)

A new addition on the 1000 Greatest films this year, Stan Brakhage's Mothlight of 1963. Available on YouTube this 4 minutes film is a real piece of art. It feels really analog with these brown natural colors, herbs, insects, earth, dirt, flowers, etc.

It's a rough film and it should be watched has a piece of modern art, as Visual Art. Stan Brakhage has made more than a hundred films and he uses uncommon methods to express his art on the film. He sometimes worked on the film with tools and manipulate it frame by frame. This is why this film is so short. He managed to work on every frame by himself making a second of film per day of work. It gives a very textured and natural feeling to the images. Multiple viewings are recommanded to appreciate all the work and passion in this short film.

A very interesting film for technicians and filmmakers. It is more a visual experience than a common short film.

A Film Retrospective by Michaël Parent

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