Valentine's Day un film de Garry Marshall

Valentine's Day is the new movie from the director who made the refreshing Pretty Woman in 1990, Runaway Bride and the two Princess Diaries. Well, not a talented firector but a veteran. He should be armed to make an efficient movie and entertain his public.

With his last movie, Valentine's Day he fails to make an entertaining and efficient. Since the succes of Love Actually we've seen many attempt to recreate the same multi stories based on different kinds of love, for example last year's He's Just Not That Into You was a complete failure and can be one of the worsts of 2009.

For Valentine' s Day it's pretty much the same, a cast of many big names, many stories that touch many characters. The too many stories set in Valentine's Day diluate their quality. Because there is not a single story that goes very far and the film has no deepness in it. They fell into clichés of melodrama. The characters are so sterortyped that they could have drew them with a big black marker.

So stories had potential but they all felt fake and unvanished. I think if the script had been reworked and some stories thrown out this could have make an entertaining and efficient film.

On the appreciation side, if I can had something to what has been said before, well I dislike the kind of movie where the producers thinks that people are stupid and that they will buy whatever story just because it's Valentine's Day in L.A.. Now I can't wait for the holidays to rewatch Love Actually and see an entertaining and efficient film!

A Film Review by Michaël Parent

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