I Love You, Man - John Hamburg (2009)

Of the many comedies we encounter these years, many are just stupid and some like Judd Apatow's are refreshing. Other movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall or (500) Days of Summer have more qualities than just giving you a fat laugh. I would put John Hamburg's movie, I Love You, Man in this category; near Apatow and the last two movies cited.

Especially when the main character makes me think of me, I like the movie even more. Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer, Paul Rudd's Peter is a character I easily identify myself with. Well, it's been more than 8 years I'm with my girlfriend - btw, since last september fiancée - and I have some friends but none very close... My major problem is like Peter in the film: I don't take the time to call the "guys" to hang around and maintain my friendships. WHy I'm telling you that, because it resumes the starting point of the film. Peter will get married but he doesn't have a best man/best friend. We follow is quest to find the perfect guy friend. The chase could remind some catchy romantic comedies where the girl desperately tries to find the right guy for her life. It gives place to funny moments that never fell into easy gay gags or bad taste humor.

The friendship he develops is very cool and I can say I hardly been close to a friend like Peter and Sidney got. They complete each other very well and they make a great "friend" couple. It reminded of a friend that I lost track that probably recognize himself here; D.B. and J.N. call me if you read these lines... Friendship is something we don't see that often in movies because they prefer to show love or hate relationships.

I know I Love You, Man is not the greatest film of all-time or a movie life changing experience but I consider it like a efficient feel good movie with sincere laughs, light hearted and I just have to add one last thing: Rush rocks!

A Movie Review by Michaël Parent


  1. I thought it wasn't really funny, just amusing. It really feels like a Judd Apatow movie which is tiring.

  2. Yeah I understand your point of view... and I'm not a diehard fan of Apatow's movies but I think they are refreshing as comedies.


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