Zero de conduite

Zéro de conduite (Jean Vigo, 1933)

Zero de conduite is a relatively short film, only 41 minutes that passes like pretty quickly. It tells the story of schoolboys returning to class after summer. Well, it felt anecdotic and pretty much of the stuff going on there happened to people who have been to these kinds of schools as they were young.

The main idea of the film is to recreate the feeling we had at 10 years old that with only our classmates we could change the whole world. Its influences are diverses; Chaplin, Keaton, and the Marx brothers for its humor and juvenile gags. As for the susbtance the film felt like a schoolyard Battleship Potemkin or October both by the great master Sergei Eisenstein.

Zero de conduite has great moments, especially at the end with the slow-motion sequence where all the boys get out of the dorm parading like conquering troops with feathers falling like snow on a battleground.

The only negative comment I could say about Zero de conduite is its lenght, too short I could have had more of it. With a longer picture, the narratives could have been more developped and the story could have been more eleborated.

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