Rome Season I (2005)

I don't usually review television shows but when it comes to history and quality I let go the fact that it was aired on television. I did my major in History at the University and I visited Italy from North to Pompei, so I had grand interest in that show.

Starting with the end of the War of Gaulle and ending at the Kalends of February in Roman history, the first season of the show reveals how historically accurate the show is. Well, the two main characters Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus have dramatized or if you prefer "Romanized" lives. The plot of the show stands on the grounds of the historical facts. That's what makes Rome the best television show ever to reconstitute the past. Being on HBO, it helped the creators to reflect the violence and orgies of that period. But beware, it's not Caligula; this extravaganza of violence and pornography has its qualities but it's never as good as Rome.

Continuing with HBO, the network that brought TV series so well written and produced that it practically killed the Theaters. Rome is the kind of series that surpasses its media: Television, and with its qualities is able to ascends to Cinematic ambitions.

Rome is much more than just about a historic reconstitution. Its two main characters are used like Forrest Gump; they lived their lives through History and they could have been anybody, you or your neighbor. It helps the viewer to identify himself in this labyrinth of historic characters in that different (not that much) world order than ours.

A Television Series Review by Michaël Parent

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