A Classic Comedy Happened One Night

TSPDT Greatest Films #194 It Happened One Night (Frank Capra, 1934)

As far as I am concerned, the best comedies ever written are the ones the 1930's offered to us. An excellent example of this is the Academy Award winner of 1934's for Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay; It Happened One Night.

For those who often read this Blog you should have note that his author is a big fan of the films of the 1930's mostly dominated by Ernst Lubitsch's masterpieces. A Frank Capra film has some of the best qualities a Lubitsch film has. For some cinephiles, Capra's crowd success are overrated (It's A Wonderful Life for example). But, your host here thinks it's an excellent filmmaker who mastered many comedic elements and who knew how to please his crowd and in the same time make a film that stands as good as it was back in the days.

The story is quite typical, a young woman wants to marry a man her rich father doesn't like. She escapes her golden cage to catch up her fiancée in New York. While travelling by bus to be incognito, she fells onto a unemployed journalist who recognize her and help her to escape in exchange of her story. Well, the rest has been done a hundred times after and is yours to discover.

A good slapstick comedy that meets the road movie genre and gets better and funnier. It's not all the films who won the Oscar for Best Film that are still watchable and entertaining. This one sticks to its statuette: it's entertaining and very efficient! A true classic!

A Film reviewed by Michaël Parent

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