Help Finance the Indie Film Up Country

This is the new project of the young Filmmaker Lucas McNelly. He needs to raise money to produce his next film. So please feel free to donate as much as you can.

The goal is 4000$. Donate here!

Here is McNelly message:

After my last film, BLANC DE BLANC (www.blancdeblancfilm.com) had a short theatrical run in Maine last month, I've found myself in Maine for the summer with a desire to shoot a variant of an idea I've had in my head for awhile now. But finances are low, so we need your help.

The film is a feature-length thriller/drama about a couple of friends who hire a guide to take them on a fishing trip in a remote part of northern Maine--farther north, even, than the towns they don't bother to name. But, when the guide leaves them stranded in a river and takes their gear, they're stuck in the middle of nowhere with no resources and some locals who aren't too happy that these people are in their woods.

We'll be shooting the film this summer on location at my family's fishing camp Nok-a-Buck III, which was built in 1938. There's no electricity and you have to carry water up from the river in 5 gallon buckets. But it's a beautiful, remote area that's perfect for a film like this. We're on a slightly shorter turnaround than I expected because I've just found out that the family is doing much-needed repairs to the camp when I was planning to film. So we need to be out of there by then.

We're raising money to, well, get the cast, crew, and equipment into Maine, and then up in the woods. Basically, we'll be camping as we make the film, which means we may need to rent a generator and lots of batteries, because there's nowhere to plug things in.

As you might imagine, there aren't a lot of places to rent equipment up there.

Oh, and there's a pretty good chance the title of the film is going to change, as I usually find the titles of my films in editing.

So, please consider helping us get this film made way up in the middle of nowhere. All our backers will get updates throughout the entire process, plus the rewards on the right.

Lucas McNelly

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