Rich and Strange

Rich and Strange aka East of Shanghai (Alfred Hitchcock, 1931)

The films of the thrities all have a light and happy feeling to them, especially the films of Ernst Lubitsch. Alfred Hitchcock's Rich and Strange feels like an attempt to make a Lubitsch film with Hitchcock themes.

But, he doesn't have the touch of Lubitsch it feels more like a film Hitchcock had to do to form his particular style and mise en forme. The double theme is exploited here as the two couples that embarks appart on the cruise. The couples are mixed all along the movie.

This is far from a central major work of Alfred Hitchcock but for the man's enthusiasts it's an interesting movie to understand his way through his first masterpieces like The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) and The 39 Steps (1935).

P.S.: Please note that this film is under East of Shanghai on IMdB, Rich and Strange is the original UK title.

A Review by Michaël Parent

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