Here they are The Beatles!

TSPDT Greatest Films #422 A Hard Day's Night (Richard Lester, 1964) - Retrospective/1001 Movies You Must See

Does this film really needs a presentation? I don't think so, but just for the context let's do it anyway.

The Beatles; the greatest band in the history of music, four of the most prolific musicians of their time. Every member brought something unique to the sound of the band form George to Ringo and passing by John and Paul. Four names, that will always be related with The Beatles. The band lasted only a decade, the 1960's but they redefined the face of it. Their sound from rockabilly to experimental Indian sounds has done so much for the Rock that today thousands and thousands of bands are still inspired by them.

A Hard Day's Night was like a promotionnal video that showed "a day in the life" of The Beatles... Unlike the videos of today that feels forced and only made to sell albums, A Hard Day's Night has that feeling that The Beatles wanted to do Cinema and not just get onto the wave... The plot of the film is pretty simple. It's the gags and the creation around it that makes it more than just a promotionnal movie for an album. We feel a Chaplin vibe watching Ringo getting into trouble and going to jail for loitering. Well, the whole movie feels very cinematic and with the liberation of the 1960's it has a very artistic touch that completely feels right with the music of the Beatles.

For the fans of The Beatles, this is a must see and to any other music lover this is an interesting piece of music history. Finally, for the cinephile this is one of the best film of The Beatles and it's on every list of films to see.

A Review by Michaël Parent


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