May the original Mummy rise!

The Mummy (Karl Freund, 1932)

One of the best grossing movie genre is the Horror that always been popular and still is today. With more movies made and with many budgets and different levels of quality, Horror has been one of the most inventive genre in Cinema. Especially when you look at the films of the 1930's: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Unknown, Freaks, Wolfman, etc. Many, if not all, of these titles diserved remake(s). The Mummy is one of them, even if the story is completely different and that some dramatic scenes of the 1932 release may seem more hilarious than very frightening there are many aspect that are worth the look.

First of all, Boris Karloff's performance is haunting and just the way he walks gives the chills. There's a lot of sexual elements in The Mummy and in 1932 the Hays Code was not adopted. You just have to see Zita Johann's wardrobe at the final scene with Imhotep! Even today this dress could be regarded as very sexy. Egyptology always passionate the Occident but in the 1930's it was in vogue so the producers took this opportunity to insert some reconstitutions of the Ancient Egypt. Two years later Claudette Colbert will be doing Cleopatra in the film of the same name by the master of grand entertainment; Cecil B. DeMille.

As some people that knows me very well I'm not the biggest fan of Horror movies but I can't resist a classic Horror film like The Mummy. Be aware that this is not a film to get scare or to see gore but it's a classic and I define it as a little gem of American film History.

A review by Michaël Parent

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