The right one is in!

Lat den ratte komma in aka Let the Right One In (Tomas Alfredson, 2008)

With great expectations I bought Let The Right One In. Shortly after that I watch it with a little stress of liking it or hating it: when there's a big hype about a film I often avoid to see it, example I haven't seen Avatar yet nor Titanic... So the hype around LTROI was probably positive in the way that I love foreign films but I hate the term foreign film that determinates everything that is not American and/or English spoken. For now on, I will write about International films and you will never see the term foreign film here again.

Set somewhere in the 1980's, Oskar, a boy of about 12-13 years old is lonely and reads a lot. He gets picked on by other guys in his class. Their picking is very rude and Oskar feels miserable about it. One night he meets Eli who just moved next door to him. She is a girl of his age and she is very mysterious. They will become friends and Eli will help Oskar to get his pride back and have confidence. The fact that everyone knows: Eli is a vampire is not the turning point of the film, her life is not that simple and both will help the other to get on with their lives. Like many Horror films, Let The Right One In is about the teenage years of life and how our body and our minds changes. This is a film that is a lot more than just a vampire story.

Like I've read a lot when it came out I think every Twilight enthousiast should see Let the Right One In before watching another chapter of this "vampire" saga...

A review by Michaël Parent

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