Moon (2009)

Moon (Duncan Jones, 2009)

It's strange to see that there wasn't much about Moon when it came out last year. But its DVD release has been good for its spread over the sci-fi film lovers.

Sam Bell, an astronaut of the Lunar Entreprise has been for nearly three years on the moon. A loneliness only tempered by Gertie (reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL 9000) his helping robot. This isolation made him have halucinations and dreams. One day he has an accident while out for a routine tour. He his rescued by a man that has the same name and the same appearance has him.

With many references to 2001: A Space Odyssey but also to Tarkovsky's Solaris and Duncan Jones' own father David Bowies' Major Thom. Moon has its moments and raises many modern issues to the screen. But I think it's its lack of consistency and the feeling of trampling on that annoyed me. I like Sci-fi but I don't like when someone tries to be Kubrick or Tarkovsky (I like them but I don't like a copy of them).

The best part of Moon is Sam Rockwell, he could at least diserved an Oscar nomination for his Sam Bell interpretation(s). All in nuance and in prefect control of his body and soul on the screen. I've seen him before in Snow Angels and I thought he was a very good actor. Now I think he's excellent and I wish to see more from him in the next years.

A review by Michaël Parent

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