Rohmer's Le rayon vert

TSPDT Greatest Films #679 Le rayon vert (Eric Rohmer, 1986)

The death of Eric Rohmer in early 2010 made me realize that I don't know anything about him and/or having see any of his films. The day after his death I saw Ma nuit chez Maud that I completely adored. Lately this summer I offered myself a DVD Boxset of his entire oeuvre. I didn't knew with which film I should have continued my discovery of his work. Well, I think it was too early for me to watch Le rayon vert.

Le rayon vert is a very unsettling film because of its lack of concrete action and its annoying lead character incarnated by Marie Rivière. Delfine, has seen her vacations plans turned down by the let down of her friend. She has no plans and it buzzes her to travel alone. Some friends invite her but her behavior and her constant insatisfaction makes her change plans many times until she goes at the beach alone. They she met a Swedish young woman and once again she goes away escaping all human encounters. The morning after she met a young man that she suddently falls in love with. With a headbutt she decides to travel with him and live a magic moment from a Jules Verne book, the observation of the green ray.

Apart the last fifteen to twenty minutes of the film, the other hour is only a setlement for us to feel a little happy for Deflfine when she accepts the presence of someone other than herself... This self centered, egoist character only annoys the viewer by her constant complains. I would have liked to read some explanations about the intentions of Rohmer's film.

Following this viewing my duty will be to watch the precending films of Rohmer's oeuvre. I will probably watch Le signe du lion, his first film. What's your favorite Rohmer film?

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