Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed (Luke Greenfield, 2011)

Adapted from a chicklit Best-seller of the same title, Something Borrowed is a light rom-com about misunderstandings within many relationships between the characters of this movie. First, you have Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), the best friend of Darcy (Kate Hudson) who's gonna marry Dex (Colin Egglesfield) and the guy friend Ethan (John Krasinski). Rachel is the one who presented Dex to Darcy and she should be the one. In fact, the whole thing is a misunderstanding. Rachel is generous, intelligent, cute while Darcy is self-centered, shallow and annoying. Dex is a sign showing pecs and abs while the "boy" friend Ethan is funny, intelligent and, by the way, has the most interesting part and the best one liners. Well, there's not a ton of them here but his are worth noticing.

Even if Something Borrowed isn't a complete failure there's a sense of rhythm that just didn't felt right. First the character of Dex isn't interesting at all and we cannot understand how in the first place Rachel could have felt for him and how she could manage to still have feelings for him after he started dating the opposite of her: Darcy, her best friend did I mentionned that? I don't think I even understand how these two girls were friends after all, they're so different and Rachel just doesn't seems to care for all the unfair actions Darcy does to her. Sometimes, I think that the people who makes chick flicks just think that girls/women have no tastes and know nothing about films.

Moreover, the whole film, as for its directing, editing, cinematography looks cheap and made with restricted budgets like a soap. Like if framing correctly was an option or editing a scene tighter to keep up the rhythm and or letting the action takes its place wasn't available at the time. Instead, they prefer to shoot three seconds shots with conventional, if not textbook action/reaction shots.

As you might have guessed, I wasn't a big fan of Something Borrowed but I gave a chance to the movie. Even my girlfriend who's a fan of chicklit and who devoured the novel wasn't really cheerful about the film either giving it a six out of ten, which by the way is a bad rating in my gf's book. Since I'm harsher in my ratings I gave Something Borrowed one star out of five and maybe one more for John Krasinski's presence since he is the star of the movie in my book.

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