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In memoriam to Peter Falk, an actor who I've seen some ganster flicks and the many Colombo's I've decided to discover a little more about his life by reading his memories. This is not an Autobiography in any way. There are chosen moments by the man himself, some that make you laugh others that make you wanna meet the man but they are all written in an modest and humble way that makes the man human, kind, and thankful for the life he had the chance to live with his peers and the famous investigator.

I'll always remmeber on friday nights watching the TV movies with my dad waiting for the next "just one more thing m'am" or to see his old car, his basset hound dog and the famous coat. The stories were original and the little details were so important that in each case you thought you knew how he'll catch the vilain but still, Colombo did think about every aspect he always came surprising us.

I know I am late but I'd like to salute this unique actor that worked with many greats (Gena Rowland, John Cassavetes, Wim Wenders, etc.)  and that reminds me of many childish memories. R.I.P. Peter Michael Falk.

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