La nuit américaine

La nuit américaine aka Day For Night (François Truffaut, 1973)

In this love letter to the seventh Art by one of its greatest lovers of all time, François Truffaut, the Cinema, the making of, the world in front and behind the camera is exposed like a porn star in a XXX feature. Truffaut wants to present all his passion and love to the medium by showing to the public and his comrades the craft of making a film within a film. Almost shot like a documentary but clearly a fiction, La nuit américaine is one of Truffaut's most well-known film.

With an uneven but interesting plot Truffaut wants us to feel his dedication to film making and cinephilia. Almost redefining the term cinephile for himself first with his writings in Les Cahiers du Cinema then while being one of the most celebrated French cinéaste and one of the two main figures of the  French New Wave with Jean-Luc Godard La nuit américaine stands out like a masturbatory exercise that could have been more than a cult film but that carries dreamt sequences of pure cinematic bliss and many forced dramatic events that could have been spared in the script.

However, one cinephile cannot be cold blooded by Truffaut's film and this is mainly what saves the entire picture from falling apart. The naive charm and the passionate hugs from the maker to the final product are enough to court the most heartless of cinephiles.

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