Post February Early March (Madness)

Wow! February has been the biggest month ever on Le Mot du Cinephiliaque. Why? You should ask. You don't host any blog-a-thons, event or even a lot of new reviews. then what it is that made this month so incredible on Le Mot du Cinephiliaque?

Two words or one name: François Truffaut. Born on February the sixth eighty years ago. On that day, this year, lots of people were looking for him on Google. Well, even if the man's been dead for almost thrirty years (hearing aunt Bettany for Christmas Vacation while writing those lines), his films let so much to the posterity that thousands of people came crawling on my little but honest blog looking for my Top films post of his films. I hope that everyone who came looking for Truffaut got a little of comfort with my own tribute for the great director he was.

NumbersI know lots of you are here just to know which rating I gave to this or that film. Seriously, I always wanted to know if you prefer if I rate or not a movie. Sometimes it is hard to rate exactly on a scale which note I would give to a specific film especially since nobody, except Jonathan Rosenbaum or Kevyn Knox (it is a nod to you Kev, just kidding), can claim to have seen every film ever made each year or since ever. To rate or not to rate? That is the question.

Why Truffaut made the 100K possible in February?With the 19K+ visits just for this post it made it possible to dream about this milestone that with my normal pace I would have attained in April.

And one of the most important milestones, in my opinion, my 500th post coming this week! Well, a lot to celebrate here on Le Mot du Cinephiliaque and a lot of motivation and fuel in the tank of inspiration with my new series Je me souviens that targets the films from my part of the world: the Province of Québec.

Because a good blogger never rambles without linking its partners in crime here are my favorite blogs of the moment:

Chip Lary @ Tips from Chip presents contemporary Indian films in March!

Bonjour Tristesse continues on his event about the Czech New Wave and keeps us informed about the numerous festivals from around the World.

John from The Droid You're looking For! provides smiles, laughs, and editorials.

Kevyn Knox, the greatest film critic on the Web continues his amazing job at The Most Beautiful Fraud in The World.

Finally a blog I just discovered The Vern's Videovangaurd just earned the well convoited prize of LAMB Blog of the Month.

Thank you and keep on blogging!


  1. Wow, nice work! I haven't managed to hit a Google jackpot post like that one. Hopefully some of those visitors stick around.

    As always, thank you for the link!

    1. Thanks! I remember not believe my stats counter on that day... Very amazing! It's a pleasure to link the blogs I love to go back everyday!

  2. Congrats on having such a popular post. Thanks also for the shout out. I've got one more Indian film to go among the ones I planned to write about.

    As for rating films, I do generally prefer reviews that have them, since I am sometimes surprised when the tone of the post has led me to believe the reviewer felt differently about the film. Having ratings is not essential, though. I've obviously been coming her for months without any ratings; I'm not going to stop now.

    For what it's worth: I don't feel that you have to have seen every film in order to properly rate them. You just have to have experienced enough in order to get a feel for about what a movie should be rated, whether it is a 1 to 4, 1 to 5, 1 to 8, 1 to 10, or even 1 to 100 scale. Since I don't do half star ratings I sometimes debate on which number to go with, but usually I'm pretty comfortable with my first impression. I have sometimes raised my rating after seeing a movie multiple times, although that has not affected any of my posts on my blog.

    1. Thanks!

      The feedback is well appreciated Chip! Ratings is a hard thing to do. Some days I will rate a film higher or lower than other days... I'll think about the ratings. Not sure to keep them or not.


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