Saturday Morning Music Post

The idea of this series of Music post came to me with my other blogs where I discuss about music and that wasn't really visited and/or commented. I've decided to condense my thoughts on the presentation of the albums I discovered lately and let you know what is out there. Since this blog is movies oriented a post about music on a saturday once in a while just gets a little something else to talk about! Please note that I love recommendations!

The ShinsPort of Morrow New release!
Port of Morrow is the first album of The Shins I’ve ever listened to. With a new line-up, frontman James Mercer wanted to give to his band a more mature sound with experienced musicians. The songs Simple Song and Port of Morrow are quite interesting and the whole album as this kind of cohesion  and homogeneity I really appreciate for a record for multiple listens. The 1960’s sonorities and the simplicity of the music is a great quality of the album, that however seems at first sight to be seasoned with lots of sobriety.
Rating: *** on *****

Thy CatafalqueRengeteg Late 2011 early 2012 release
Avant-garde Metal from Hungary, well it starts pretty obscure and just looking at the mysterious artwork of the disc makes someone wonder. The fifth instalment of this also new to me band is very interesting and deeply black metal-inspired with lots of progressive elements, long passages that reminds me of the great period of Summoning but with real instruments and less samples. A band I will be watching closely in the next weeks.
Rating: ****1/2 on *****

We Are AugustinesRise Ye Sunken Ships 2011 release
This Indie-rock outfit blasts a superb debut album that is one of the most recurring record on my playlist lately. I discovered this band with the soundtrack of the Snowboarding hit movie The Art of Flight release in October 2011 with the song Chapel Song. Indie but not overbearing in the vein of and on the verge of being folk without falling into all the clichés of the genre. Listen to the songs Juarez and Chapel Song.
Rating: **** on *****

Next week: MeshuggahKoloss, John K. Samson - Provincial, M83Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

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