Keeping Track Of What You Watch With iCheckmovies

For those of you who are like me and who like to list every damn movie we watch I’ve discovered a wonderful website called iCheckmovies. Every movie is linked with IMDb and you can import your checks from the database into your iCheckmovies profile.

The most interesting aspect of this website is the opportunity to complete lists that are on there. Like IMDb’s top 250 films or They Shoot Pictures 1000 Greatest Films of All Time. Plus you can make a personal list like all the Demi Moore pictures or every Russell Crowe movie.

I invite you all to join and ask me to be my friend on there as we could be film geeks together! My pseudonym is gut1349 and I welcome everyone to compare our movie watching progresses and tastes.

Do you already know the Website? What do you think of list completion? What do you think of the Website?

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