The 10 Greatest Films of All Time by the voters of The Most Influential Directors Poll

With Great power comes great responsibility. Just like Peter Parker, every important director had a great power in the way his/her films were/are made. With this year’s Most Influential Director’s Poll I’ve asked voters to list the director’s most significant movie.

Just in time, the new Sight and Sound poll got out the eve of the closing of the ballots. I could that way compile those results with the voters’ lists.

The goal here is to take the Top ten films voted and include them into the nomination of a virtual Hall of Fame here at Le Mot du Cinephiliaque. Once the movie is listed in the Top 10 it is sacred as a representative work of the director. Each director needs five films to be inducted into our Hall of Fame. This way, the list won’t have the same films over and over again. Let’s look at the first ever list.

1. Citizen Kane
46 pts
The first film to be sacred as untouchable and casted into the Pantheon of the Greatest Films of All Time. Welcome great Kane you are where you deserve to be!

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
40 pts
Having touch the second place for the first time this year, Kubrick holds now two second place for his influence and his ultimate trip.

3. Vertigo
30 pts
The new number one on Sight and Sound poll and the number one director on our list with its more recognized film.

Tie 4. Seven Samurai
28 pts
A great tie between two of the most important Japanese directors. It’s amazing to see those two films battle together. Two from the same country but so different.

Tie 4. Tokyo Story
28 pts
Even if Yasujiro Ozu is not in the Top ten of the Most Influential Directors his film sure got lots of praise and recognition lately.

6. Jaws
21 pts
The newest member of our select club, Steven Spielberg, cracked his way in with his greatest summer blockbuster. Great entry despite the trends against the man’s notoriety and talent. With Jaws he sure had all his means.

7. Rear Window
20 pts
A personal favourite from the great Master Alfred Hitchcock. His second film in this Top 10. Impressive.

8. Taxi Driver
18 pts
Martin Scorsese’s tale of loneliness and disgust for everything that is ill in our contemporary world sure gets more and more love just for its actuality and hold on the test of time. Passing way over his other masterpiece Raging Bull, Taxi Driver is this writer’s favourite film of all time.

Tie 9. Psycho
16 pts
Third film for Hitch in this selection. A crowning achievement. No doubt he is the most respected and admired filmmaker by the voters.

Tie 9. La règle du jeu aka The Rules of the Game
16 pts
Another tie with Hitchcock’s third entry, the Frenchman Jean Renoir more than deserved to be a part of the Top 10 Most Influential Directors. However, making the cut with his masterpiece in the films’ Top is more than a consolation price.

What do you think of the 10 movies nominated? What do you think of the Hall of Fame?


  1. 5 are in my personal top ten, another 2 in my top 20, and another 2 make my personal top 75. Only Tokyo Story is left off of my top 100, though it is a close-runner-up. Basically, what I am saying is, this is a pretty solid list in my opinion.

    1. Very strong list indeed. II'm very happy with the results.

  2. Glad to see Rear Window in there, its one of my favourite films, and it still astounds me how tense I get while watching it, I have never felt that with any other movie and it is a family film..

    1. My favorite Hitchcock too! A perfectly made film.


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