Top Films of Buster Keaton by LMdC

As I am writing those lines, I’m halfway through Keaton’s memoirs titled Slapstick. In this anecdotic autobiography we learn how he came into show business with his family’s vaudeville and how he entered in the filmmaking business.
The most interesting part is to discover how he was a practical joker and how he always made fun of his peers. However, having read here and there bits and parts of his life there’s not much else to learn. But it’s always rewarding to read about the first stages of the media and how a man who succeeded and then failed sees and perceives the industry.

So without much further ramblings, here’s a top of his feature films:

1. The General
2. Sherlock Jr.
3. The Cameraman
4. Steamboat Bill Jr.
5. Our Hospitality
6. The Navigator
7. Seven Chances

What do you think of this top list? What your’s would look like?


  1. Hey Michael!

    Sorry I haven't frequented your site lately. I've been incredibly swamped with work, writing, and school.

    Anyway, I'm fascinated in Buster Keaton -- mainly because I've yet to see one of his movies.

    Thanks for articulating which ones I should keep an eye out for.

    1. Thank You Sam!

      I really enjoy Keaton's oeuvre as I slowly discover it. I hope you'll like them!

  2. Ranking Keaton films is almost impossible because I love them all so much. I'd go:

    1. Seven Chances
    2. Sherlock Jr.
    3. The General
    4. Steamboat Bill
    5. College
    6. Go West
    7. Our Hospitality
    8. The Cameraman
    9. The Navigator
    10. The Saphead

    And then there are a TON of shorts that would fit in there somewhere, too- The High Sign, Hard Luck, Play House, Neighbors, One Week, The Love Nest... My favorite short is The Boat, which is where the "Damfino" moniker for hardcore fans comes from.

    1. Wow! You have seen way more of his films than I did! I haven't dug in the shorts yet. But they seem promising.

      Your ranking is very interesting. Funny how his major films have strong qualities.

  3. All of Keaton's films that I have seen (your list, plus College) are entertaining. I would have had Seven Chances higher. I actually may be reviewing it soon.

    1. I would love to read your thoughts on Seven Chances. Keaton was probably the funniest actor of his time.


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