My Year in Music – 2012

Without any other purpose than exposing my personal Top 25 albums of 2012 I post this incomplete roundup of the albums that I liked the best in the past year. I’ve been making this list since a couple of years and if you are interested here’s the list for 2011,

1.       EnslavedRIITIIR
The Scandinavian kings of progressive black metal have once again reinvented themselves. With another true to their spirit album, it is an even more accomplished album than their latest acclaimed Axioma Ethica Odini.
2.       PropagandhiFailed States
These Canadian Prairies punk rockers/thrashers have done one of their best albums. For those who say that their wave of punk rock is dead must have a listen to this very solid album. By the way, Propagandhi has been one of my favourite bands since high school.
3.       Neurosis Honor Found in Decay
One of the most respected band in underground music has came back with another near-masterpiece. Legends never die and Neurosis is pretty freakin alive!
4.       Sigur RósValtari
This Icelandic simplistic band has been one of my discoveries of the year. Sang entirely in their mother tongue, Valtari is subtle and epic at the same time. A beautiful album to listen.
5.       MetricSynthetica
Canadian Dream pop success story has came back with an even more impressive offering than their previous Fantasies. Try to catch them live : they rock!
6.       The ShinsPort of Morrow
Another discovery for me, The Shins’ latest album rotated more than most of the titles of this list this year in my ears.
7.       NileAt the Gate of Sethu
Extreme Metal has never been so well served than with Nile this year. Getting back to a more organic sound and more old-school sonorities, Fans won’t be disappointed and Metal enthusiast might easily be convinced by this more true to the roots sound.
8.       Godspeed You! Black Emperor‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
Cult Montréal based band GYBE was back after a decade of absence. And we are well served with this behemoth offering. Maybe not as great as Lift Your Skinny Fist Like Antennas to Heaven, yes this is the real title of this album, but so great to have them back with new stuff.
9.       MuseThe 2nd Law
After being completely disappointed by The Resistance, I jumped like a fan that rediscovered one of his favourtie bands with full excesses à la Queen and cheesy, ultra cheesy, hooks and effects.
10.   Mount EerieClear Moon
Another discovery and a revelation, having only heard Clear Moon, one of the two records by Mount Eerie this year, I will have to complete my discovery with their other album.  Subtle and very Black Metal influenced accoustic minimalist band that diserves way more praise than their actually getting.

11.   The XX - Coexist

12.   CryptopsyCryptopsy

13.   Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

14.   ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind

15.   KreatorPhantom Antichrist

16.   SantigoldMaster of My Make Believe

17.   John K. SamsonProvincial

18.   Animal CollectiveCentipede Hz

19.   NatchmystiumSilencing Machines

20.   The Mountain GoatsTranscendental Youth

21.   KatatoniaDead End Kings

22.   IhsahnEremita

23.   Blut Aus Nord777 – Cosmosophy

24.   Alt+JAn Awesome Wave

25.   MardukSerpent Sermon

Runners-up : Storm CorrosionStorm Corrosion, Vintersorg Orkan, Dying FetusReign Supreme, The KillersBattle Born, TestamentDark Roots of the Earth

What are your picks for 2012? Anything I've missed? Recommandations are much appreciated!


  1. A bunch of these 2012 albums are new to me. We have The Shins in common, that's about it!

    psst...could you add a link to the 2011 list?

    If it has any interest, my top 25 albums of 2012:

    1. Thanks for the link. I'll have a look at that! and I'll add the link.


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