Music Review : St. Vincent – St. Vincent (2014)

Music Review : St. Vincent – St. Vincent (2014)

I only knew this artist by name and it was one of the many Indie titles I’d have to get to sometime. However, since her passage on SNL in season finale of 2013-2014, I was intrigued by her new album and its cover art directly inspired by one of her favorite film; Alejandro Jodorowski’s The Holy Mountain.
This self titled release of Indie, Art Rock, Pop and baroque music from Annie Clark alias St. Vincent will leave a mark for sure. Her guitar skills and atmosphere are well used and she have a nice voice that can create nice textures for the kind of pop and chamber rock she offers. Even if the artwork is more mysterious than the music itself, St. Vincent feels like an album that is complete and deeply thought. It is the kind of album that can reach a broad audience while being very visceral and attractive.

Definitely, since I haven’t listened to her other albums, I can’t make no comparisons and rank it. But as the album is what it is I think that she will be an artist worth following for everything she does. Her contribution to the music of today, which is now just a business of selling, will help younger inspired artists to find their voice and get out of the sellout paths. Probably one of the best pop albums for 2014.


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