Music Review : Voivod – Target Earth (2013)

Music Review : Voivod – Target Earth (2013)

In french there’s a saying that : Nul n’est prophète en son pays. It could be translated to nobody is a prophet in his own country. Exactly the case for Voivod that has its origins in the Province of Québec. They always had more recognition outside of their native land. Probot, Dave Grohl’s project of a song with many artists he admired in the Metal genre included a song with Snake (vocals) of Voivod and the cover art was designed by Away (drums). Then, bands like Enslaved, Darkthrone, Propagandhi were wearing their old Voivod shirts. Back in 2005 when Piggy (Denis D’Amour) died, the band released two albums (Katorz, Infini) with the latest tracks he left on his computer and recorded knowing his end was near. But the future of the band was more than uncertain even with the regain of attention and success.

However, with the replacement of Piggy by Chewy (Dan Mongrain), Voivod wrote Target Earth, a more progressive Metal oriented album that would satisfy the early fans of the band as much as the new ones. Nicely produced while keeping the original sound of the band, Target Earth is another excellent album from Voivod and continues to demonstrate that the band is still right on when it comes to continuity and in keeping a high standard of song writing.

With Mechanical Mind, they extend their music to epic scape and Warchaic just links with heavy drumming and a deep song that is more than just simple bashing all around.

A rare thing is also present, a song sang in French; Corps Etranger that sounds quite well. One of the many examples of the fast songs that are on this album. It is in fact a faster tempo for Target Earth when compared to the two previous records.

Many labels have been given to their music, avant-garde, progressive Metal, Speed Metal, but only the Voivod name can define what kind of music Voivod is making.

For the occasional listener, Voivod might sound like a formulaic band that digs into a sound and keep walking into the same path over and over again. It is true that you have to appreciate the texture and the structure to fully get this group. Voivod is Voivod and they make the records that represent this name. A sincere effort from the good old classic Voivod band that like good wine still taste great with time and can become even better with aging.



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