Music Review : George Kollias - Invictus (2015)

Music Review : George Kollias - Invictus (2015, Season of Mist)

Greek musician George Kollias, known mostly for his work as the longest staying drummer with the band Nile, has released a solo work of Technical Death metal. Well, his main band Nile also does a form of Technical Brutal Death metal. So what does set him apart from the other band? The comparison between both bands is easy and a bit harsh for Kollias.

 It is useless to mention his mastery behind the drums and how he released many lessons on Extreme Metal drumming. But does that make him a composer and a lyricist? This is where Kollias part ways with Nile, on the comparison level.

Invictus is an interesting musical album for the drumming parts and to hear what Kollias has under his belly when it comes to full music. However, Karl Sanders and his other Nile band mates are what it makes the band such an important metal act.

Undoubtedly, Invictus suffers from an easy comparison and making an album in an already closed frame genre does take a bit over the just another Death metal record but not that high either in the bests of the genre.


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