Music Review : High On Fire – Luminiferous (2015)

Music Review : High On Fire – Luminiferous (2015, E1 Music)

Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge), the latest record from sludge masters High On Fire couldn’t be more on point than it is. A return to their pre-Snakes For the Divine and De Vermis Mysteriis detour. Their music is fast, heavy, and sounds strong as a ton of bricks. Well, exactly what heavy metal music should be. Sandpaper in your ears and not Vaseline.

With singer/guitarist Matt Pike back stronger than ever, High On Fire is promised to great things. Luminiferous is one of the best Metal albums of the year so far. It can have all the qualities listed up and explores some of Pike’s esoteric fantasies. It suits well the music and we are not into Sleep’s territory either. This is one of the reason why it makes an album true to the band’s sound.

On drums, Des Kensel is once again the locomotive and the support for the superb guitar riffs along with bassist Jeff Matz who heavy sound just amplifies the fuzzy yet heavy atmosphere of Luminiferous.


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