Music Review : Liturgy – The Ark Work (2015)

Music Review : Liturgy – The Ark Work (2015, Thrill Jockey Records)

Following their 2011’s Aesthetica, the reunited quartet Liturgy have tried to make obviously an ultimate attempt at making a masterpiece with their craft here. Leaded by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Liturgy has been labeled as a black metal transgender of American black metal. However, their relationship with the genre is getting much thinner and felt more into the Swans lookalike.

At 57 minutes The Ark Work might feel a bit long and a bit repetitive with Aesthetica. The theory that Hunt-Hendrix exposes with his diagrams and esoteric vision, as interesting and innovative as they might be, doesn’t weight enough to support the music and its length.

The musical mastery of Hunt-Hendrix on vocals and guitar, Greg Fox on drums, Tyler Dusenbury on bass, and Bernard Gann on guitars isn’t enough to elevate this record to potent follow-up to its predecessor. It is a lesser Liturgy album but lesser Liturgy is still better than many other bands’ best record.


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