Top films of F.W. Murnau by LMdC

Of the greats of Cinema, few filmmakers have influenced their peers as much as D.W. Griffith, Sergeï M. Eisenstein, and John Ford. Well, F.W. Murnau might be one of the most face changing figures of the seventh Art, he directly influenced Alfred Hitchcock while working in Germany. Later, in his way too short career, Murnau worked in Hollywood and mastered every film he ever crafted. Here's my own personal top of his films:

1. Nosferatu (1922)
2. Sunrise (1927)
3. Tabu (1931)

4. The Last Laugh (1924)
5. Faust (1926)
6. Tartuffe (1926)

I still need to see: Phantom (1922) City Girl (1929)


  1. I have seen the first two films on your list and agree with you on their placement. I also wonder what might have become of his work had his career been longer.

    1. He is in the category of the gone too soon... Nosferatu is one of my favorite film of all time! I might be doing a review of it here sometime.


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