The Real Horror

Even if I posted a list of the Top Horror films of All time just yesterday, I think that the real Horror happened here on the East Coast. Our thoughts and best wishes are for the people in the trouble all along the Coast from Virginia to the North East of North America.

Sometimes real events take the whole attention and deserve it. So no movie blogging here today in respect of the victims. I hope that everyone and their families who came accross this blog is safe and that people who I know are nearer the trajectory of Sandy are all well: Chip Lary, Kevyn Knox, and all the fine folks of the LAMB.


  1. Wow, thanks for thinking of me. I'm lucky; I was on the northern fringes of it, so nothing bad really happened to me this time. I went through FAR worse during the massive 1997/98 ice storms that hit Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Quebec. Of course, that didn't happen on the doorstep of all the major news organizations in New York City, so it barely got mentioned on the national news back then.

    Back then I had no power, water, or heat for seven days during the middle of a frigid winter. I worked with a guy who went TWO weeks without any of those things. You learn how open hearted people can be in circumstances like that.

    1. I'm glad you're ok Chip! We had some very strong winds up here in Quebec last Monday night but nothing compared to the people in the States.

      I remember the 1997/98 ice storms. In Quebec City I only missed one or two days of school but we still had power and everything. It was around Montreal and New England that people had it bad.


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