Top films of Max Ophüls by LMdC

Even if I haven’t seen most of Max Ophüls brilliant filmography, I’ve decided to start a Top list of his films. The few films watched from his oeuvre deserved the exposure I’m giving them.

His lovely romantic films influenced from Stanley Kubrick (Ophüls was Stanley’s favourite director when he directed Paths of Glory) to Wes Anderson who lists Madame de... as his favourite film of the Criterion Collection. Since the last few years the great people of Criterion released brilliant copies of Ophüls’ brightest efforts.

Anyway, this is my personal appreciation of the films of this great director.

1. Lola Montès (1955)
2. Madame de... (1953)
3. La ronde (1950)
4. Letter From An Unknown Woman (1948)

Ophüls’ films I still need to see are: Liebelei (1932) La Signora di Tutti (1934) Le roman de Werther (1938) Sans lendemain (1939) De Mayerling à Sarajevo (1940) The Exile (1947) Caught (1949) The Reckless Moment (1949) Le plaisir (1951)


  1. I've seen Le Plaisir and started Lola Montes. For whatever reason, Ophuls hasn't "clicked" with me yet and I hope he does at some point. As much as I love French movies, it's just not right that I don't know much about him.

  2. John, you've said it! It's not right for you! Because if you like French films his are very important. I can understand that his films have this breezy sense of romantism and galanterie that doesn't really occur anywhere else. But at some point I'm sure you'll appreciate them! It took me very long after Lola Montes to fully love this film because of its richness and the fulfilled images.


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