La carrière de Suzanne (1963)

La carrière de Suzanne (Eric Rohmer, 1963)

Second part of the Six Moral Tales by Eric Rohmer, shot in the same year than La boulangère de Monceau, La carrière de Suzanne is in my opinion the lesser effort of the series. I kind of like how the tale is narrated but the "moral" isn't as interesting as in the other films. In Le genou de Claire, you have the elder man of 35 years old trying to seduce younger women, in La collectionneuse you have the man refusing advances from a "man eater" woman but falling in love while constantly refusing, and in L'amour l'après-midi you have the married man falling in love with another woman and escaping his life with a parallel life.

La carrière de Suzanne, is about a man who's in love with the girlfriend (Suzanne) of his best friend. The best friend is a selfish idiot who uses and disrespects Suzanne. The narrator will refuse to live his love with Suzanne because his friendship is dear to him and also because he seems to avoid it. This is the story of a subtle love triangle that will never evolve from apart of being unsaid.

Even if I think Eric Rohmer can hit, he can also miss and I think that La carrière de Suzanne is the lowest element of the Six Moral Tales. Meanwhile, I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, compared to many films it's a very good offering, but in the great ensemble of the Six Moral Tales it's the lesser one.

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