The Best Pumpkin Designs Inspired by Movies

 Every year since my girlfriend (now my wife) and I are together we used to carve a pumpkin together and light it on Hallows’ Eve and put it on the porch in front of her parent’s house. With the time we got more ambitious and we made crazy, funny designs. We even did a Jack Skellington face on it once.

But, for the last four years we lived in an apartment and did not made one. This weekend we’ll take that tradition back since we moved into our first house this past summer.

To get dome inspiration I searched on Google and I thought about movie inspired designs here are the most interesting I found.

Jack Skellington

This is not the picture of the pumpkin we did, but a doppelganger of it for sure. We were so proud of our carving that year that it was our Facebook profile picture for a long time. This is a classic film for our generation and the perfect movie for the time between Halloween and Christmas.

 The Thing

One of the best Horror film of 1980's and some of the most impressive special effects to ever appear on the big screen have a great homage with this carving.

Jack La Motta

For all the high brows out there, yes I am one myself, here's Marty's Masterpiece on a good ol' Jack Lantern. Halloween is indeed for cinephiles.

The Terminator

Why not have your favorite cyborg on your ornament for October 31st? And you have the face of a politician. What can be more frightening than that? I would say I simply don't know.

The Face of Evil
Your mother sucks cocks in Hell, Karras, you faithless slime!

No Horror films list is complete without an allusion to William Friedkin's The Exorcist. Mix that with a tape of the best quotes and you have the perfect Halloween party.

...And our Winner is... The Predator

Of all the designs it is the slickest and one of the most disgusting creatures to have appeared in a movie. Great work by the carver.


  1. If I walked up to someone's door and saw The Exorcist's Regan staring back at me with glowing candle-lit eyes, I might poop my pants.


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