L'amour, l'après-midi (1972)

TSPDT Greatest Films #972 L'amour, l'après-midi (Eric Rohmer, 1972)

The final chapter of Eric Rohmer's Six Moral tales, L'amour l'après-midi, depicts a happily married man with children that gradually lower his guard in front of the many advances of an old friend. Chloe, the reappearing friend begins by simply filling Frederic's "ennui" in the afternoon. Besides, completely refusing the presence of Chloe he takes really care of her but their relationship take some predictable turns. Until the last moment Frederic feels the attraction for Chloe (a passion that will not last) but his love for his wife is so much stronger (love that can stay for his lifetime). Like the other moral tales, L'amour, l'après-midi works more on the suggestive side of things and only evokes the "cliché" always until the last moment. The dream sequence includes the three actress from the preceding moral tale, Le genou de Claire. It's a little redap of and a funny link between both films.
The images, from Nestor Almendros, are sublime and the many outside shots in the streets of Paris are simply beautiful. The Moral tales were made at the end of the 1960's and the beginning of the 1970's but the images don't reflect their time, they seem timeless. I wonder if Woody Allen watched those films before making Annie Hall and Manhattan, and all his other films, because we really feel that Rohmer's wrinting may probably have influenced Allen's dialogues in some way.

The Six Moral tales are a landmark not only for the French Cinema but for the History of filmmaking. In screenwriting class, every student must have seen at least one of the Six Moral tales.

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