Top films of Eric Rohmer by LMdC

1. Ma nuit chez Maud (1969)
2. Die Marquise von O (1976)
3. L’amour l’après-midi (1972)
4. Le genou de Claire (1970)
5. La collectionneuse (1967)
6. La boulangère de Monceau (1963)
7. La carrière de Suzanne (1963)
8. La femme de l’aviateur (1981)
9. L’ami de mon amie (1987)
10. Conte d’automne (1998)
11. Le rayon vert (1986)
12. Le signe du lion (1962)
13. Conte d’hiver (1992)
14. Conte de printemps (1990)
15. Conte d’été (1996)

I still need to see : Perceval (1978) Le beau mariage (1982) Pauline à la plage (1983) Full Moon in Paris (1984) L’arbre, le maire et la médiathèque (1993) Rendez-vous de Paris (1995) The Lady and the Duke (2001) Triple Agent (2003) La romance d’Astrée et Céladon (2006)


  1. I think I've seen every Rohmer movie except Triple Agent (may as well get on that), and I would have a very hard time ranking most of them. He has some departures from his typical style (Lady and the Duke, Perceval, etc.), but his modern character based films are very consistent. My fave might be An Autumn Tale or Summer (Le Rayon Vert), but it's just too close to call. Astree and Celadon did not seem to be embraced by some Rohmer fans when it came out, but it actually made my top 10 of the year. I thought it was really lovely and a fitting final film.

  2. I'll have to get back to you for his later work. I tend to still think that his better films were the Six Moral Tales... Astree and Celadon suffers from bbeing a film from a man who has made many important films in his career during many decades, it is almost automatic that his later films are compared to what he has done at his best...


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